Book V is now complete and the edit is coming together. Below is the blurb. Out next summer!

Agent of Rome: The Emperor’s Silver

Still recovering from his previous assignment in Arabia, imperial agent Cassius Corbulo has been spending most of his time and money on women and wine. Unfortunately for him, word of his achievements has reached the emperor Aurelian and he is sent north, tasked with smashing a counterfeiting gang.
Corbulo tracks the criminals to the city of Berytus, where his investigations are hampered by civil unrest and uncooperative officials, not to mention the personal problems of his servant Simo and bodyguard Indavara. Despite this – and intense pressure from his superiors – the young officer eventually closes in on the gang.
But his enemies will do anything to protect their profits, and Cassius and Indavara soon find themselves fighting not only for the Emperor, but for their very survival.

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