The Imperial Banner (Agent of Rome II)

272 AD

The Roman Emperor Aurelian has defeated Queen Zenobia and crushed the Palmyran revolt, but now dark forces threaten a fragile peace.

Imperial Banner cover artwork

Faridun’s Banner, hallowed battle standard of the Persian Empire, has fallen into Roman hands and is to be returned to the Persians as part of a crucial peace treaty. But on the eve of the signing the banner is stolen.

Recalled to Syria, imperial agent Cassius Corbulo is charged with recovering the flag. Accompanied by his faithful servant Simo and ex-gladiator bodyguard Indavara, Cassius must journey across the dangerous Syrian desert to the equally perilous streets of Antioch. He and his companions face ruthless brigands, mysterious cults, merciless assassins and intrigue at every turn. The hunt is on!


“In the follow-up to his pulsating, all-action debut novel The Siege, Nick Brown’s Agent of Rome series moves up a gear to bring us a stunningly visual story which has readers hooked like a gladiator’s net and trident from the very first page. Larger than life characters, Roman-style political intrigue and nuggets of real-life history add ballast to what is essentially a terrific blood-and-guts action thriller. The Imperial Banner is Roman adventure at its best … brutal action leavened by a cynical brand of military humour, history, mystery, romance and an almost tangible sense of cohesion and camaraderie amongst Cassius and his cohorts. It’s a formula that works so well in Brown’s capable hands … Cassius’s next assignment can’t come too soon!”  (Lancashire Evening Post)

“I could imagine this book being made into a film, as there are excellent set-pieces and moments which are very cinematic. The characters are well-drawn, and the reader wills them on to succeed. As you would expect from a humanities teacher, the history seems very accurate and the characters are part of a vividly described era, human and believable yet still of their time. Enjoyable, entertaining and well worth a read.” (Historical Novels Review)

“A Roman James Bond … an abundance of intrigue and clever counter-moves.” (de Telegraaf, Holland).

“A race against the hourglass … an exciting, engaging mix between Indiana Jones, Hercule Poirot and James Bond.”  (SJA Turney, author of the Marius Mules’ series)

“If you love Scarrow, adore Iggulden and of course admire Scott, then make sure you add Brown to your list. Great Stuff.” (Falcata Times)

“The action is hugely exciting and there is lots of it … but this is matched perfectly with the more intimate human drama between these three very interesting protagonists.” (


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